Maxvera Wellness Has Opened Its Door of Proprietary NanoZorb™ White Label CBD Products for Small and Medium-Sized Business

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After supplying big companies and manufacturers for years with its NanoZorb™ private label CBD, Maxvera Wellness has now decided to offer small and medium-sized businesses a wide range of white label CBD products and other healthcare supplements at wholesale price with lowest MOQ

With decades of experience in the hemp industry, Maxvera Wellness is dominating the CBD market with its top-quality product line. They aim to be your one-stop-shop for the highest quality nano emulsified CBD products. Their team with years of experience has been working on perfecting formulations through their proprietary nano emulsification process. 

Most of the CBD products in the market fail to cross the limit of 18% bioavailability. At Maxvera Wellness, their in-house experts, along with the nanoscientists at MIT, have developed unique formulations that surpass this limit. Besides, compared to other competitors, their water-soluble CBD products have a longer shelf life.

Previously, Maxvera Wellness used to supply its high-quality supplements and private label CBD products to other manufacturers and big companies. Recently, it has unveiled new opportunities for small and medium-sized business owners. Now small and medium business owners can get direct access to Maxvera Wellness skipping the middlemen. As a result, retail business owners can save time and money. 

It’s a big opportunity for those who are trying to enter the CBD consumer market for the very first time. They not only are going to get an array of high-quality water-soluble nano CBD products straight from the lab but also are getting the support from the top scientists that are perfecting formulations and processes continuously. 

On the other hand, using their white label CBD program you can start selling CBD products that your customers will love. They also offer MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) which will enable you to incorporate CBD product lines to your prospective customers with minimum investment.

Maxvera Wellness is committed to excellence. All of their products undergo intensive testing. Aside from in-house testing facilities, their products go for third-party lab tests. These third-party COAs (Certificate of Analysis) will give you peace of mind about the product’s safety and quality. Maxvera Wellness includes test reports with each batch you are going to order. So, as a retail distributor, you can rest assured that your customers are going to get quality products for each penny they spend.

Maxvera Wellness is always committed to excellence. With life-changing products, years of successful operation, and process in place they can provide the very best chance for your brand to succeed. Maxvera produces some of the finest nutriceuticals in the world and distributes the products to some of the leading brands in the USA. They own their manufacturing plant. They serve both as suppliers and manufacturers. With Maxvera, you can rest assured you will get top-grade nano CBD products directly from the laboratory, not through a line of go-betweens. They are here to help your brand succeed by lifting the heavy tasks. It is a win-win opportunity for both parties.

If you want to grow your CBD business with white label CBD products, then look no further. Maxvera Wellness can provide you the easiest, fastest, and most affordable solution to introduce your own CBD brand into the evolving CBD market. Their wholesale CBD pricing is unbeatable in the market.

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August 14, 2020