Native Ads For CBD: Elevate Your CBD Business With Native Advertising

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native ads for CBD

Experts suggest that, nowadays, display advertising does not work as it did in the previous decades. You have to generate considerable impressions to yield decent amount of conversions. How consumers used to deem display ads have changed much over the years. While most of them tend to skim-past display ads, marketers have changed their strategy as well. Native advertising has become a popular trend after its inception in 2011. Besides, CBD business owners have been leveraging this advertising technique for the last few years. While advertising and marketing hemp-derived products is a challenging task, native ads for CBD pave the way for generating a significant conversion rate.

Native Ads: What are They? 

Native advertising is a way of delivering ads that are often indistinguishable from the page or content. They are so cohesive with the content that viewers find them relevant with the page design. This form of ad is delivered in a specific manner that the audience can not distinguish ads from the page content immediately. They blend in with the design of the page to the point that people think they were meant to be there.

Although native ads were considered misleading by early critics, current regulations are in favor of this form of ads. Today, modern consumers have become accustomed to seeing these ads in their organic feed. You can do it in several ways. Although they are akin to classic displays, they usually show up as search results, social media posts, videos, articles, and many more.

To run native ads for CBD or cannabis across varieties of websites, you may have to consider some underlying elements, such as:

  • A good quality image
  • A catchy title
  • Body (texts)
  • CTA, or call to action
  • Link back to your landing page

It does not necessarily require the involvement of professional designers to create native ads. As a result, this form of advertising is useful for entrepreneurs who are starting their CBD business with a tight budget. They can also choose to use different online platforms to create their ads. If you own a white-label or a private label CBD brand, you can try “one product-focused” ads. It means you can advertise a single product with the necessary information to attract a more specific group of people. On the other hand, wholesale CBD business owners can leverage this CBD advertising technique more effectively by promoting a single brand or trending products. 

Native Ads for CBD: How to Run?

Both hemp and marijuana-derived CBD companies can run legally compliant native advertising as part of their digital promotional approach. In that case, mainstream programmatic technology is appropriate for CBD brands. On the other hand, cannabis-specific programmatic technology should be used for marijuana-derived products. The programmatic targeting capabilities ensure these ads reach the legal audience (viewers 21 years old and over) groups. 

As regulations surrounding cannabis products vary depending on states, cannabis businesses can use these ads to target people within specific states’ boundaries. Local businesses such as brick-and-mortar stores or pharmacies can run native ads focusing on a particular region around their location. It helps them reach out to their potential customers comfortably. These ads can help cannabis brands to promote their products without being worried about conflicting with different state regulations.

When you are preparing for advertising cannabis products, you have to follow the legal guidelines including, these:

  • You can not claim any medical or health benefits.
  • Avoid using elements that may be appealing to children.
  • Don’t use false statements.
  • You can not use testimonials or endorsements.
  • Avoid using promotional offers such as discounts.
  • When advertising cannabis-infused products, using “For Adult Use Only” is a must.

On the other hand, native ads for CBD businesses allow them to show their products (legal across all 50 states) more widely and freely without hesitating about the state lines. Besides, CBD businesses can track their conversion performance in different states by using analytic tools. Then they can decide to bid down or bid up their campaign manager depending on the conversion rate.

Four Types of Native Ads for CBD and Cannabis

There are different types of native ads that you can use for both the CBD and cannabis business. But, you must need to ensure your ads are legally compliant and do not violate state laws. The other way around, there’s a potential risk of getting penalties. Here are 4 different types of native ads for your business:

  • In-content or in-feed native ads
  • Sponsored or branded content
  • Content recommendation ads
  • Paid search ads

How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Native ads can help elevate your CBD business in many ways. You can leverage it to build brand awareness and drive your sales. Here are some ways native ads can help your CBD business:

  • Build Brand Awareness: You can reach out to your target customers, avoiding aggressive marketing tactics. It helps subtly build your brand awareness.
  • Increase conversion rate: Your sales depend on the number of people you can reach. Native ads for CBD allow you to promote your best CBD oil and brand to the target customers. 
  • Build trust and reliability: When you are advertising your brand and products targeting the right audiences, you are giving priority to customers’ preferences. You are engaging a group of people who expect to visit your site. It helps build the trust and reliability of customers towards your brand.
  • Establish yourself as an authority: Audiences always prefer to see content that reflects their interest. When you can give them the exact information they are searching for, you can establish yourself as an authority. Besides, customers will also feel confident to buy your products. 


Advertising is an efficient way to impress your target audience. Your ads determine how people are going to perceive your brand and products. When done correctly, you can make a significant change in your sales and reliability. Besides, improper practices may lead to sabotaging your brand’s reputation. While native ads for CBD can elevate your brand, unprofessional use of this tool may do the opposite. Your brand is not a joke, neither your advertisement should be. Remember, you should target people who are more relevant and are your potential customers. Finally, if you are preparing for a CBD marketing campaign, double-check all the legal guidelines both in your state and your other target areas. 

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December 11, 2020