How to Calculate Your Perfect CBD Oil Dosage?

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CBD oil dosage

Whenever you start taking some supplements, what matters the most is the optimal dosage. The dosage alone has the potential to make or break the whole game. The same is the case with CBD oil. You will find our CBD oil dosage calculator very reliable and can enjoy the best-desired results. However, your CBD dosage also depends on your desired effects. Hence, you need to figure it out on your own.

Many people get confused when it comes to calculating the correct dosage, but with our CBD dosage calculator, you don’t have to.

Importance of Right CBD Oil Dosage

Although there is not much to say about the inappropriate dose because CBD is a very safe substance, taking too little will not affect you negatively. However, taking an excessive amount of CBD can be a problem very rarely, but that too can be more because of drug interaction or other factors. 

The question is why figuring out the right amount of CBD oil is essential if the fluctuation in dosage doesn’t have any adverse effect. The reason is you don’t want to waste your time, money, and energy down the road. It’s possible only if you have sound knowledge of proper CBD oil dosage. Although inappropriate dosage has no adverse effects, it doesn’t provide any benefit either.

New users frequently don’t take the time to figure out their ideal dosage and instead declare that CBD isn’t effective. However, you can figure out your optimal dose of CBD oil with the help of a CBD oil dosage calculator.

What is a Normal CBD Oil dosage?

People new to CBD often search for regular CBD oil dosages, not knowing that no such thing exists.

Nonetheless, many studies on the perfect CBD dosage are underway, but researchers can’t say anything for sure to date. However, there is a small range that suits almost everyone, especially those new to it. 

Hence rather than calling it a perfect CBD oil dosage, we can call it the most common CBD oil dosage that ranges from 20 mg to 40 mg per day. 

You can’t measure this amount in the same drop counts since every product has a different CBD concentration. 20 mg of CBD can be one drop or even a few ml of CBD oil, depending on the CBD strength of a particular product.

Certain factors affect your CBD oil dosage, and we will discuss them all in this section.

Figuring Out Perfect CBD Oil Dosage 

CBD oil dosage cannot be the same for the one who is using it merely for relaxation and the other who wants to get rid of chronic pain using it. Well, one’s condition is not the only measure of correct CBD oil dosage. There are a few more things that determine it, and they are as follows:

  • Your body mass, i.e., your size and weight
  • The sensitivity of your body to CBD
  • The potency of the product being used
  • The severity of the condition you intend to treat
  • Method of CBD oil Consumption

It’s time to look at all of these aspects in detail to figure out the perfect CBD oil dosage for you.

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  • Body size and weight:

Weight is one of the most worth considering (read: must-considering) factors while determining the correct CBD dosage. It’s most of the time the fat that puts extra weight on the body. CBD is a fat-soluble substance, and that is the basis of CBD absorption in the body. 

Although certain people believe that weight has nothing to do with CBD dosage, it acts directly on the CB receptors of the Endocannabinoid system. Nonetheless, the opposite group comes up with a more robust response to this argument. They say that molecules have to encounter specific tissues and fats before reaching the Cannabinoid receptors in the spinal cord and brain.

Thus, the speed and the mode of action vary according to the density of tissues it has to encounter to reach the Cannabinoid receptors eventually. 

Therefore, we also conclude that more weight and dosage will be needed to produce potent effects and vice versa.

  • The sensitivity of your body to CBD oil:

Every human body has different chemistry, making certain bodies allergic to substances that other bodies are not. 

The more sensitive bodies to CBD might require less dosage as they react even to the slightest CBD amount. However, the bodies that are not very sensitive to CBD might require large doses to activate the endocannabinoid receptors. 

You can’t get to know the nature of your body without letting CBD interact with it. Give a first minor shot to see how your body reacts to this miraculous compound.

  • The potency of the product being used:

The potency of the product being used is a significant factor determining the correct CBD oil dosage. You will easily find the CBD potency of the product on the labels and product descriptions whether you are buying CBD online or in physical stores.

The more potent the product, the stronger are the effects. Hence, if the product’s potency is high, you might need fewer doses, and in the case of low potency, you can increase the dose according to your demands.

  • The severity of the condition you intend to treat:

The strength of CBD oil and the dosage vary considerably depending on the severity of the condition you are taking it for. Mild conditions require minor and low dosage, while as the severity of the condition increases, you need to increase the dosage accordingly.  You might need to consult your physician or some trained and certified Cannabis specialist to find out the category in which your condition falls.

Conditions like PMS, PCOS, muscle recovery, and headaches fall in the category of mild conditions. At the same time, conditions like epilepsy, cancer, and arthritis are severe.

Therefore, let’s break down the estimated dosages according to the weight and severity of your condition:

Body WeightMild SymptomsModerate symptomsSevere symptoms
100 lbs10-20 mg21-49 mg50-60 mg
120 lbs12-24 mg25-59 mg60-72 mg
140 lbs14-28 mg29-69 mg70-84 mg
160 lbs16-32 mg33-79 mg80-96 mg
180 lbs18-36 mg37-89 mg90-108 mg
200 lbs20-40 mg41-99 mg100-120 mg
220 lbs22-44 mg45-109 mg110-132 mg
240 lbs24-48 mg49-19 mg120-144 mg
260 lbs26-52 mg53-129 mg130-156 mg
  • Method of CBD oil Consumption:

The concentration of CBD in tinctures is usually more than simple edible CBD oil. Moreover, CBD tinctures work very fast and are highly absorbent when used sublingually. On the other hand, it demands more time to show effects when you take it orally.

Thus, you might need to have a large dosage in case of oral consumption, and if you are taking it sublingually, even the tiny amounts will elicit effects efficiently. 

However, it differs when you are using CBD oil topically. You might need to rub a good amount to get the desired results. 

We have looked at pretty much all the aspects that affect the correct CBD oil dosage.  

What if I take too much CBD?

Although CBD is generally a very safe compound, you need to be careful as a beginner as you never know how your physical system will react to it. Generally, your body won’t show any adverse effects, but a few typical symptoms might appear on the excessive usage of CBD. The typical symptoms of overdosage include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Low blood pressure
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea 
  • Tiredness

The adverse symptoms have not been reported solely with the CBD use; however, you need to be careful about the drug-drug interactions.

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Basis of CBD Oil Dosage Calculator:

CBD oil dosage calculator that we find online has the same basis. They will ask you for your weight, size of CBD oil bottle in mm, Milligrams of CBD in the bottle, and possibly the severity of your condition as well.

Thus, if you know all the values correctly, you can rely on an online CBD oil dosage calculator rather than consulting a Cannabis specialist or your physician for it.

Tips to Find Perfect CBD Oil Dosage:

There are a few not-so-secret tips that might help you rock your CBD dosage calculation game. Furthermore, these tips are something that an online CBD oil dosage calculator will never consider. Thus, this section will help you go through them to avoid even the slightest blunder. 

  • The first and essential tip is to start low and slow. This method is what almost every Cannabis specialist and enthusiast suggests to beginners. Start with the lowest dose to see your body’s reaction to the substance; you can later increase it according to your demands. 
  • Avoid vaping CBD oil since it might make it difficult for you to estimate dosage in this way. Therefore, you might need to consume through methods that give you the right idea about dosage.


Although we are aware of the safety of CBD, overlooking the dosage aspect is not advised. Certain factors, i.e., weight, potency, condition, etc., play an essential role in determining the correct dosage.

No one wants to spend money and waste it by inappropriate use of products later. Hence, everyone needs to consider these facts for better understanding. 

Go for a reliable company that labels the facts, keep these factors in mind, and enjoy the effects of this wonder product! 

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November 1, 2021